Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Název události:

[Dance-]reunion in the Arboretum

Místo konání: Stromovka [Arboretum] (Garden-salon [Saale des k. ständ. Baumgartens])

Typ akce: Popular social musical and dance events

Datum: 18/07/1850 pm

Sézona: Summer

Programme unspecified:

  • unspecified participants: participating ensemble


Brief details of this event were listed in the Tagesanzeiger texts of Bohemia 16/7/1850 and 18/7/1850, which noted that there would take place on Thursday 18th July ‘in the Garden-salon of the Arboretum: Reunion’. No further information was given by these two sources. News was published by Bohemia 21/7/1850 that the Dance-reunion in the Arboretum that took place the previous Thursday had been disturbed through a dispute between the son of a wood merchant named Whippler and a ‘Lieutenant Sch.’. This had arisen over one of them taking offence to the other earlier at the dance. Initially the affair was discussed quietly between the two but subseqently escalated in the park. After grabbing the reins of the Lieutenant’s horse, the soldier took out his sword and set about the unarmed Whippler who, though unarmed, defended himself with great courage and held on to the Lieutenant's saber with such force that the blade broke. Other army officers were also involved, as well as a merchant Mr Weiß, who ‘bravely came to the defense.’ The fight broke up and the Lieutenant departed together with the other officers. Mr Weiß left with Whippler (who sustained injuries to his head, jaw, right shoulder and left arm where his muscle was severed) to see to lodge an official complaint. The exact impact of the disturbance upon the dance entertainment was not described.

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