Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

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1. Welcome to Prague Concert Life 1850-1881: an annotated database

Prague Concert Life 1850-1881: an annotated database is a freely available resource – published online at (hereafter referred to as the ‘website’) – providing records of music performance events, and of the society, culture and physical environment encompassing those events, being given in Prague over the years 1850 to 1881. This information is obtained from reports, reviews, news, advertisements and ephemera appearing in first-hand Prague newspapers and journals of the time.

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7. Disclaimer

Prague Concert Life 1850-1881: an annotated database and its associated web application is purely a historical reference resource the raw content of which is based on Prague newspaper and journal entries from the middle-nineenth century. The translation and explication of those entries has been executed with the utmost care and scholarly integrity. Nonetheless, neither the resource not its editors shall be held responsible for any inherent inaccuracies in the information this resource contains. All such information is provided ‘as is’.

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