Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Název události:

Concert arranged by [Wilhelm] Treiber from Štýrský Hradec [Graz]

Místo konání: Konvikt

Typ akce: Art music culture

Datum: 05/03/1860 12 noon

Sézona: Lent

Programme including:

  • TREIBER, Wilhelm: soloist, pf
  • KÜGLEROVÁ, Paulina: soloist, v
arr. Spohr, Louis: Quintet for piano and winds , arr. pf, 2vl, va, vc
     • Bennewitz, Antonín : vl Bauš, František : vl Paulus, Alfred : va Goltermann, Julius : vc
VEIT, Wenzel Heinrich : Mauresque, pf, F# minor, op.27
CHOPIN, Fryderyck Franciszek : Scherzo, pf, nr.1, B minor, op.20
WILLMERS, Rudolf : Grand étude en trilles Le Rossignol, pf, op.74
SCHULHOFF, Julius : Caprice sur des airs bohémiens, pf, op.10
MAYER, Charles : Fantasie on themes from Meyerbeer's opera Le prophète , pf
MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY, Felix : unspecified song [Lied] Suleika, v, pf
MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY, Felix : unspecified song Herbstlied, v, pf
LOEWE, Johann Carl Gottfried : song Mit jedem Pulsschlag led' ich Dir no.6 from 6 songs [6 Lieder], v, pf, op.89
DESSAUER, Josef : song Lockung, v, pf


Dalibor 1/3/1860 reported only that ‘Pianist Mr Treiber from Štýrský Hradec arranges on the 5th of this month his concert in the Konvikt Hall.’ The same news was announced in Prager Morgenpost 1/3/1860, the correspondent adding that the young artist had already appeared once in the past year in Prague and had shown himself to be a creditable virtuoso. Prager Zeitung 1/3/1860 similarly reported the forthcoming performance, remarking that Treiber had with ‘favourable success’ given a concert in the local Theatre last year. Articles including actual information about the programme to be given by Treiber appeared in advance only in the newspapers Der Tagesbote and Bohemia on 4/3/1860. The former reported that in addition to many pieces given by Treiber himself, he would perform the Quintet in C minor by Spohr with Messrs Bennewitz, Bausch [Bauš], Paulus and Goltermann, and that Miss Kügler would participate singing Lieder. The Bohemia report identified the specific solo piano works to be played by Treiber and noted the other participants in Spohr’s Quintet, but made no mention of the presence of Kügler or the intended incorporation of any vocal items into the programme.

In reference to the above periodical sources noting that Treiber had appeared only once in Prague the past year, this was only partially correct. The Austrian pianist had performed in the Czech capital on 29/11/1858 in the Estates Theatre, but he played in a private performance before the Emperor Ferdinand on 5/12/1858 in the court chambers at Hradčany. These performances were part of the previous year’s concert season but were, of course, 15 months before this latest concert given on 5/3/1860.

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