Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Celebration of mass

Venue: Cathedral church of St Vitus [sv Vít]

Event type: Church music events

Date: 16/05/1863

Season: Summer

Programme including:

TAUWITZ, Eduard : Mass, solo vv, chorus, orch
     • Tauwitz, Eduard :


Prager Morgenpost 15/5/1863 published news of this event, noting: ‘Church music. Saturday is presented for performance in the Cathedral church on Hradschin [Hradčany] the new Mass by Mr Kapellmeister Tauwitz.’ The participating forces were not specified but almost certainly comprised the musicians of the church. Conducting was most likely Tauwitz himself.

Summary of sources:

Prager Morgenpost (15/05/1863)