Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881


Celebration of mass to mark the anniversary of the death of Fr[antišek Xaver] Brixi

Aufführungsort: St James's Church [Kostel svatého Jakuba] (Church)

Programmsorte: Church music events

Datum: 14/10/1860

Programme unspecified:

BRIXI, František Xaver : unspecified Mass, [vv, org / orch?], E major
     • St James's Church [Kostel svatého Jakuba]: vv Proška, Václav :


The correspondent writing the brief Dalibor 20/10/1860 report commented that this ‘masterly’ composition was ‘very accurately performed’ under the direction of Proška, and expressed the wish that ‘this excellent work would resound in all the churches of our land. It is possible to obtain a copy from the editor of this paper.’ The music of František Xaver Brixi continued to be held in high regard in Czech church music circles throughout the middle- to late-nineteenth century. Periodical reports of performances of works by this composer during the period of this survey often did not specify the composer’s first name or any initials. Although the possibility exists that some of these works may have been by other members of the substantial Brixi family, such as Šimon Brixi (1693-1735), the likelihood is that most references related to František Xaver and that more specific identification by the periodical was not considered necessary. In the case of this event there is no question as to the identity of the composer, the occasion being noted by the Dalibor source as marking the anniversary of František Brixi’s birth.

‘Proška’ was mistakenly identified with the initial ‘F.’ in the Dalibor report. The individual in question was undoubtedly Václav Proška, director of the choir at St James [Sv Jakub] from 1851 until 1872.

Zusammenfassung der Quellen:

Dalibor, hudební časopis s měsíční notovou přílohou (20/10/1860)