Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Název události:

Civic occasion to mark the election of new municipal councillors

Místo konání: unspecified

Typ akce: State or civil events

Datum: 29/08/1850 7am

Sézona: Summer

Programme unspecified:

  • unspecified chorus: participating ensemble


Bohemia 1/9/1850 reported this civic event, noted to be a festival day for the city, which marked the appointment of newly elected city councillors. The occasion began at 7am with a 24-shot cannon salute on Žofín Island. The streets were said to be bustling with people and parades were given by the civil militia and the National Guard. Of any music given in connection with the event, the report mentioned only in passing the presence of unspecified choirs.

Přehled zdrojů:

Bohemia, ein Unterhaltungsblatt (01/09/1850)