Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Religious service for Good Friday

Venue: St Josef's Church

Event type: Church music events

Date: 29/03/1861 7pm

Programme including:

ASTORGA, Emanuele d', Baron : Stabat Mater, solo vv, chorus, str, bc


Prager Morgenpost 28/3/1861 reported that ‘As we have heard, there will be performed here on Good Friday at 7pm in the Capucin Church of St Joseph (Josefsplatz), the here little-known masterpiece by the Sicilian [composer] Astorga (who died in the first half of the last century in a local monastery), namely the Stabat Mater under the direction of our celebrated Organ School director Mr Krejčí and on the instigation of the Superior [of the monastery] Barnabas. It is well-known that the original [das Originalwerk - manuscript?] is in the keeping of the University of Orford [Oxford?]. The solo voices for this performance are named as Messrs Lukes and Peters, then Mrs Schmidt-Prochaska [Schmidt-Procházková] and Miss Štiasný [Šťastný].’ The source then described the unfortunate background of Astorga’s family and father (under the name of Oyser), and basic details of the composer’s background, specifically his occupation at the court of the Count of Parma and then to the Emperor Leopold I. According to the text he was also noted to have undertaken many journeys as an artist, including to England, before his death at a local, unknown monastery.

Prager Zeitung 29/3/1861 reported in the Prager and Provinzial-Nachrichten dated 28th March that ‘On Good Friday will be at 7pm in the Kapuzinerkirche [Capucin Church] of St Joseph... under the leadership of Mr Krejčí the Stabat Mater of Astorga... who after a Romantic life [nach einem Leben voll Romantik] spent his last days in a Czech monastery.’


Summary of sources:

Prager Zeitung (29/01/1861)
Národní listy (28/03/1861)