Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Memorial service (Requiem mass) for the Czech writer Josef Jungmann

Venue: Church of Our Lady before Týn [Panny Marie před Týnem]

Event type: Church music events

Date: 18/11/1860

Programme including:

arr. Zvonař, Josef Leopold: V. Holan Rovenský: Requiem mass , arr. male vv
     • Zvonař, Josef Leopold : Lukes, Jan Ludevít : v Heller, Ferdinand : v Palla, Hynek : v Strakatý, Karel : v


The Dalibor review related that the Requiem mass was performed by ‘students, [professional] musicians and amateurs, under the effective leadership of Mr Leop. Zvonař.’ The correspondent noted that the mass, which was said to date from the 17th century, was originally scored for ‘cantus firmus’ and figured bass. Its composer, Václav Holan, was reported to have been a director of the choir in the church at Vyšehrad. The work was performed ‘precisely and with dignity. The principal parts were in the hands of [Jan Ludevít] Lukes, [Ferdinand] Heller, [Hynek] Palla, and [Karel] Strakatý.’ Attending the Requiem service were ‘all Czech writers, among others F. Palacký, [V.] Hanka, [F.L.] Rieger etc., also the mayor of Prague Dr Vaňek, students of all institutes, officials and clergy, as well as [members of] the female sex.’

Summary of sources:

Dalibor, hudební časopis s měsíční notovou přílohou (20/11/1860)