Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881


Fourth and final [dance-]reunion arranged by Feigert and including a Dance-divertissement entitled 'Comme il faut'

Aufführungsort: Konvikt

Programmsorte: Popular social musical and dance events

Datum: 17/02/1857 8pm

Spielzeit: Carnival

Programme unspecified [see commentary]:

  • FEIGERT, Friedrich: dance master


An advertisement was published by Mercy’s Anzeiger 11/1/1857 announcing that on Tuesday 20th January 1857 would be ‘Fried. Feigert’s First Carnival-Reunion in the Kovikt Hall.’ Feigert was noted to be arranging four reunions on 20th, 27th January and on 10th and 17th February. The events, remarked the advertisement, would include all the excellent features of his reunions and would certainly be very successful. The advertisement also announced that each Sunday afternoon at 5pm during the carnival season, dance exercised would be given Feigert’s rooms. The text was undersigned by ‘Friedrich Feigert, Townsmann and Dance teacher, Marienplatz [Marianské náměstí] nr.100-1.’

A report was published by Mercy’s Anzeiger 14/2/1854 relating that ‘Next Tuesday 17th February the dance teacher Mr Feigert in the last of his Carnival-Reunions [Faschings-Reunionen] in the Konvikt Hall is arranging a comic Dance-divertissement in costume, Comme il faut.’ No further details were given by this source.

Mercy’s Anzeiger 15/2/1854 published a large advertisment announcing this event arranged by Feigert on 17th February in the Konvikt Hall. The source related that an astonishing ‘Comme il faut!!!’ was being given at 11 o’clock, and that by request Feigert would be performing the hitherto there unperformed dance-divertissement in costume with several of his pupils and his 6-year old son. Also ‘On general demand: Pepa, Pepi, Pepita!!!’, probably referring to the appearance of the Spanish dancer Pepita then in Pragie. The event was to end ‘the following morning.’ This advertisment was repeated in the newspaper on 16th and 17/2/1857. The Vergnügungsanzeiger of Mercy’s Anzeiger 17/2/1857 reported ‘Today Tuesday... Konvikt Hall: Feigert’s Dance-reunion [Tanzreunion].’ No further details were given by the source.

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