Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Source Details

Source: Dalibor, hudební časopis s měsíční notovou přílohou

Date: 10-04-1859

Language: Czech

Text type: Daily news

Volume No: 2 Issue No.: 11

Pages: 87

Events derived from this source:

03-04-1859 First annual Conservatory concert

10-04-1859 Farewell concert given by the singer Louisa Tipková

14-04-1859 Second annual Conservatory concert

15-04-1859 Farewell matinée concert [Abschiedsmatinée] given by the actress Auguste Rudloff prior to her departured from Prague

16-04-1859 ‘Musical and declamatory Academy’ in aid of the Prague Seminary Institute for the Blind

29-04-1859 Benefit concert in aid of the ‘Society against Cruelty to Animals’