Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Second annual Conservatory concert

Venue: Estates Theatre

Event type: Art music culture

Date: 14/04/1859 7pm

Season: Lent

Programme comprising, part 1:

General participants:
  • Prague Conservatory: participating orchestra
  • KITTL, Jan Bedřich: director of ensemble, conductor
SPOHR, Louis : Symphony, nr.2, D minor, op.49
SAVENAU, Karl Maria, Count of : Concerto for violoncello and orchestra, vc, orch, C minor, op.18
     • Servais, Adrien François : vc

Part 2:

SAVENAU, Karl Maria, Count of : Concert Overture Die Wilde Jagd, orch
BERR, Friedrich : unspecified Divertissement, cl, [orch]
     • Mayer, Joseph : cl
MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus : aria unspecified, from opera Idomeneo, Rè di Creta, v, orch, K366
ALARD, Delphin : unspecified Concertstück, 2 vl, orch
     • Řebíček, Josef : vl 1 Hřímalý, Jan : vl 1 Wirth, Emanuel : vl 1 Wien, Karl : vl 1 Schönberg, Joseph : vl 2 Bendiner, Adolf : vl 2 Kunkl, Alfred : vl 2 Kožmín, František : vl 2 Hřímalý, Vojtěch : vl 2
SERVAIS, Adrien François : unidentified Fantasie on Slavonic folksongs, vc, orch
     • Servais, Adrien François : vc


News that Servais was to participate as a soloist in this concert was published by Dalibor 10/4/1859, only four days before the concert took place. The concert programme was also reported in news appearing in Bohemia 12/04/1859, the text noting the date, time and venue of the event, and in large theatre-bill notices published by Bohemia and Prager Morgenpost on 14/04/1859. Extended reviews were published by each of the main German daily newspapers as well as by the Czech music periodical Dalibor 20/4/1859.

The unsigned Dalibor 20/4/1859 review noted that the soloists Josef Mayer and Miss Karolina Klettnerová were accepted as pupils by the school in 1855. The concert piece for two violins was performed by a host of student soloists playing in unison; the first violin solo being taken by Josef Řebíček, Jan Hřímalý, Karel Wien and Emanuel Wirth, the second violin solo taken by Josef Schönberg, Adolf Bendiner, Alfred Kunkl, František Kožmín and Vojtěch Hřímalý. This solo ensemble inspired notable appreciation from the Dalibor critic, who related that the young violinists ‘played with such precision, unanimity, cleanness and technical skill, that it seemed as if their strings were managed by one hand and that their strawberry tone flowed from one violin.’ The greatest approbation was, however, reserved for Servais in the form of a substantial eulogy of his virtuosity and beautiful tone. The Dalibor review considered that as a ’cellist he ‘stands in relation to his predecessors and contemporaries as in his own time did Paganini.’

Summary of sources:

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