Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881


Ferdinand Heller

Heller, Ferdinand (1824-1912). Czech teacher, violinist, composer and choir master. Studied at the Prague Organ School (1841-2), and later at the Vienna Conservatoire under Hellmesberger. He returned to Prague c.1860 where he was active as the director of several choral societies including that of the local Prague Typographers. Národní listy 3/10/1862 noted his appointment as tutor in singing and music to the young Baron Vayovy and that he had been elected as teacher of song at the Žofín Academy. His strongly Czech-nationalist sympathies brought him into conflict with the establishment, with his activities were monitored and censored by the local authorities. Director of the pioneering and patriotic Czech male-voice from 1861 until he resigned in October 1863 [Prager Morgenpost 20/10/1863]. One of the five founders member of the musical circle of the Umělecká beseda. In 1863 he founded with Smetana a music institute in Prague.

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