Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881


Festival and celebration of the marriage of the Emperor Franz Josef for members of the Institute for the Poor

Aufführungsort: St James's Church [Kostel svatého Jakuba] (Monastary Hall)

Parent Event:
Musical entertainment given by Kopta's Sextet

Programmsorte: Church music events

Datum: 06/06/1854

Spielzeit: Summer

Wohltäter: Prague Institute for the Poor [St Bartholomew Poor House]

Programme including:

  • St James's Church [Kostel svatého Jakuba]: participating institution, vv
HAYDN, Franz Joseph : Austrian national hymn [anthem], vv
KREJČÍ, Josef : chorus Bože, zachovej nám krále (Lord, save our King), 4 vv


Lumír 8/6/1854 published an account of this event, noting that following the religious service given in the church of St James fifty poor members of the parish were served with food in the hall of the monastary. Arranging the event, in celebration of the visit to Prague of the Emperor, was the Prague Institute for the Poor. The hall was magnificently decorated and contained pictures of the monarch. In addition to the singing of the national anthem was a performance of a quartet for four voices by Krejčí, „Bože, zachovej nám krále“. The source related how the hall had in the past been used by the Czech King Jan of Luxembourg and his son to celebrate the memory of Karel IV.

The performers of the work by Krejčí were not specified but most likely comprised members of the church choir.

Zusammenfassung der Quellen:

Lumír (08/06/1854)