Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

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Name: Reading Room for German Students / Academic Readers Society

Founded in 1849, the society of German students active in middle-nineteenth-century Prague was know by various names - the Scientific Reading Society of German Students, the Reading Room for German Students, the German Student’s Reading Society, or the Academic Readers Society. According to Mercy’s Anzeiger 8/12/1854 the Society was located in Egidigasse [Jilská] Nr.451-1 (at the Three Pheasants). Tagesbote aus Böhmen 31/3/1857 reported that ‘The concert of the Academic Readers Society had a gross profit of 950fl and, following deduction of costs, a net profil of 640fl. The Society numbers over 250 members and possesses a library of 3500 volumes. Over 40 journals of scientific, political and entertaining content are to be found in its locality.’ This expanded during the course of the year; Tagesbote aus Böhmen 6/10/1857 reporting that the Society was overwhelmed by applicants from various colleges to participate. The source noted that the book collection extended to 4000 work, representing all topics but with the majority being of scientific content. About 40 periodicals of various content were available for general access. A more detailed overview of the Society appeared in Tagesbote aus Böhmen 6/11/1857 in an account of the plenary meeting of the Society that took place on 5/11/1857. This reported that the during the past year the Society had takings of 1008fl 46kr, and expenditure of 575fl 48kr, Among the revenue were proceeds from the benefir concert given in aid of the Society, which totalled 965fl 30kr. This left the Society with a balance of 432fl 18kr. The library was noted to hold 2270 works, brochures etc in more than 4000 volumes, with 50 magazines available in Society venues. There were 200 members.

Národní listy 9/2/1863 published a brief account of the 1863 annual general meeting of this Society, noting that it included over 500 members. Lumír 8/3/1863 reported further details from this meeting, noting that the Society numbered 547 contributing and 22 honorary members. In the library were 6016 volumes of which 412 have been acquired within the past three months. Deposited were 104 journals of costing 968zl. The assets of the Society totalled 2070zl.

Reading Room for German Students - Akademický čtenářský spolek / Akademische Lesehalle / Wissenschaftsliche Lesehalle der deutschen Studenten

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