Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

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Name: Hlahol

Hlahol. Prague Czech male voice choral society, founded in 1861 from private choir organized by the singer Jan Ludevít Lukes. The largest and most important Czech choral society to be founded in the nineteenth century. From its inception a focus and musical vehicle for Czech nationalist and patriotic expression. Vigorously active in concerts (both its own and as a participating institution) in Prague. The committee of individuals managing Hlahol and determining its direction and aesthetic outlook evolved during the course of the 1860s to reflect the increasingly vigorous Czech-orientated currents active in Prague musical life during that decade. For example, on 1/11/1863 the German-language newspaper Prager Morgenpost reported that ‘The Hlahol held on 30th October under the Presidency of Prince Rudolf Taxis its [annual] General meeting. His Excellency was newly elected as President; the choice of a Vice President was postponed owing to Mr Lukes, who was standing for the post, not being approved. In addition elected as Directors were Messrs Smetana and Kavan, into the Committee the Messrs Dr Söllner, Pech, Bendel [Bendl], Zwonař [Zvonař], Dr Procházka, Pospišil, Korbelař and Kučera, and finally the honorary members the Bishop Strossmayer, Laub and Strakatý.’ An almost identical report appeared in Politik 1/11/1863.

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