Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

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Estates Theatre. Located in Železná ulice in the Old Town. Built as a private theatre for the Count Nostitz-Rhinek in 1781-83 then purchased by the Bohemian Estates in 1789 whereupon it was patronized by the nobility. For much of  the nineteenth century, until 1888, it was the home of German theatre and opera performances and, until 1861, of the principal professional Czech opera productions in Prague. From the beginning of the 1850 new season the theatre contained gas lighting, which came into operation on 1/9/1850, following trials. Details of this were published by Bohemia 3/9/1850. In 1857 the Theatre underwent a change of directorship. The selection process for this was noted in news published by Tagesbote aus Böhmen 2/7/1857, which reported that the deadline for applications to the post had now expired and the candidates were to be considered. They comprised Stöger, Thomé, František Škroup and the merchant patron of the Theatre, Liegert.

Estates Theatre - Královské stavovské divadlo / Královské zemské divadlo / Königliches Ständestheater / Königliches Landestheater / German Theatre

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