Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

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Venue name: Music Institute of Josef Proksch

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Venue owners: Josef Proksch

Music Institute of Josef Proksch, founded in Prague by Josef Proksch in 1830 as a private school for teaching both pianoforte and music theory to paying patrons. Also known as Proksch’s Piano Institute. Pupils included important figures in Czech musical life in the later nineteenth century, including the pianist Karel Slavkovský, Jindřich Káan, Adolf Pozděna and František Kaván. Besides its didactic activities the Institute had an important rôle in Prague musical life through its regular concert productions and performance examinations open to the public. The Institute continued under the control of Proksch’s children after his death in 1864 and continue to be active into the twentieth Century. It was located at no.603 in the Old Town Square [Staroměstské náměstí / Altstädter Ring].

Music Institute of Proksch - Hudební ústav Josefa Prokša / Proksch’s Musikbildungsanstalt

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