Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Venue details

Venue name: Apollo Hall

Venue rooms (type): Restaurant (Restaurant), Garden (Gardens and Outdoor venues), Apollo Hall (Public Halls)

Venue owners: Jan Stuchlý

Apollo Hall. Founded in 1850 by the restaurateur J. Stuchlý as a venue for dance and public musical entertainments, comprising a dance hall and a dining salon (restaurant). In a notice published by a correspondent, probably Stuchlý himself, Bohemia 17/10/1850 described the venue. This brought to the attention of the public the ‘newly established’ venue in Gerstengasse, and ‘encouraged the inhabitants of our city to visit. ... The sight of this truly artistically furnished hall ... [that] excels in splendour and beauty is so astonishing that no-one will regret visiting.’ From the ‘bow-arched dining salon visitors stepped through into the magnificent dance hall’. This was said to be equal to the city’s Žofín Hall. It was ‘tastefully painted’, was equipped with beautiful wax candelabras down the two sides of the hall, had red curtains in the gallery and the dining room, an alcove for the orchestra and an appropriate acoustic. Directly adjoining the hall was a crescent-shaped rest room, ‘which is also very elegant. In short, the whole affords a splendid sight, especially when the Hall will be lit with the most brilliant gas lighting. Such a venue will be used frequently during the forthcoming Carnival season.’

Apollo Hall - Apollo sál / U Apolla / Apollo-Saal

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