Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

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Venue name: Zdekauer's Garden

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Zdekauer’s Garden. Venue for public events and musical entertainments. Located along the road eastwards from Wenceslas Square [Václavské náměstí / Wenzelsplatz] about 1km outside the city bastion, in the district now known as Vinohrady. The venue was known as Count Canal’s Garden prior to the early 1850s, for a time ‘Zdekauer’s Garden (formerly Canal’s Garden)’, and then Canal’s Garden again towards the end of that decade (even though it was then still owned by the Zdekauer family). The venue hosted a variety of entertainments and activities including from 15-17/5/1854 an exhibition of agricultural instruments and farm machinery [Mercy’s Anzeiger 11/5/1854]. See also the venue entry ‘Count Canal’s Garden’

Zdekauer’s Garden - Zdekauerova zahrada / Zdekauer’schen Garten / Kanálská zahrada / V Kanálské zahradě / Canal’scher Garten

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