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Alexander Dreyschock


Dreyschock, Alexander (1818-1869). Czech pianist and composer. During his childhood and early youth he studied in Prague. Giving concerts throughout Europe during the late 1830s he quickly gained a reputation as one of the most technically accomplished pianists of his day. Later appointed court pianist in Vienna, where he also taught at the local Conservatoire.

Bohemia 8/3/1850 reported that Dreyschock had received a new invitation to give a number of concerts in London, where he had performed last year with the most brilliant success, and will travel there in the early part of April. Bohemia 21/6/1850 noted that ‘Alexander Dreyschock, of whose glittering successes in England's metropolis the newspapers have told us so much, has lingered for a few days in the softness of our capital.’

Mercy’s Anzeiger 22/10/1854 reported that in November Dreyschock was to undertake a tour performing in northern Europe, during which he would reside in Copenhagen and Stockholm. Throughout the later 1850s and during the 1860s the Czech-language Prague newspapers and journals fêted with a marked degree of patriotism Dreyschock’s prowess and standing as a pianist. He visited Prague on various occasions during his maturity, playing in public concerts – often for a charitable cause – as well as giving private salon performances. Tagesbote aus Böhmen 3/2/1857 reported that Dreyschok was anticipating given concerts in Vienna during the forthcoming Lent. Interestingly, Dreyschock’s name was usually rendered into Czech as ‘Dreyšok’ rather than ‘Drejšok’ by Prague Czech-language periodicals of the 1850s and 1860s.

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