Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

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František Jan Škroup

Franz Škraup Skroup

Škroup, František Jan (1801-1862), composer and conductor. His education encompassed both musical training (initially as a choirboy), the study of philosophy, and law, the latter course of which he did not complete. After four years working with an amateur opera company in Prague, Škroup was engaged at the German Estates Theatre, firstly from 1827 as second kapelník and then from 1837 as first kapelník. In 1857 he resigned his post due to disagreements with the Theatre’s manager. His departure was announced by the Prague newspaper Tagesbote aus Böhmen 9/4/1857 reporting: ‘Mr Theatre Director Skraup, after thirty years of application to the local stage, is retiring [from his post] in September, to be replaced by our compatriot Mr Neswadba who is currently engaged as Kapellmeister at the city Theatre in Graz.’ In 1857 he opened, and operated until 1859, a singing school in Prague, and for a year was director of the Žofín Academy. In October 1857 he was directing opera in Chrudím; Tagesbote aus Böhmen 6/10/1857 relating a report that on 4/10/1857 and 5/10/1857 he had directed Flotow’s Stradella there. Tagesbote aus Böhmen 23/10/1857 reported his intention to found a Singing Society [Gesangverein] in Prague; this was probably a confusion with his then soon to be founded singing school. In 1860 he moved to Rotterdam to direct the local opera house but died in poverty in 1862. Škroup also conducted annual concerts of the Society of Musical Artists (Jednota hudebních umělců / Tonkunstlersocietät).

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