Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

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Ede Reményi

Eduard Remenyi Hoffmann

Reményi, Eduard (1828-1898). Hungarian violinist. Studied at the Vienna Conservatoy (1842-1845). After a brief politically precipitated exile in America he returned to Europe to study at Weimar. Toured widely as a violinist throughout Europe and later (1886) around the world. Composed for the violin, also made numeous transcriptions for his instrument of piano pieces.

Reményi was particularly fêted by the Prague Czech press, almost certainly owing to his natively patriotic and anti-Austrian establishment leanings. Národní listy 16/4/1863 related news of the activities of this ‘excellent violinist, well known to the Prague public’, noting that he had given three concerts in Milan and was soon to appear for the first time in Turin in a concert arranged for the benefit of Poles.’

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