Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

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Jan Seeling

Johann Hans

Seeling, Jan (1828-1862). Czech pianist and composer. Studied law in Prague but his immense talent as a pianist propelled him into the music profession. He first performed in public in Prague in 1850. Later he embarked on European concert tours and next performed in the Czech capital in 1860. Composed a small body of salon works for the piano, some of which were published for the first time by the Prague publisher Joh. Hoffmann. A critic, signed ‘-ý.’, writing in Prager Morgenpost 6/5/1863 noted: ‘it is high time for Seeling’s work to be brought to the attention of the public. This composer, sadly torn from his art so early, left behind treasures, of which several of his most successful compositions are already to be published in Leipzig, that would shine in the foremost rank of musical literature. Undoubtedly Seeling was an important talent, and those who truly value music may look with anticipation to its fruits, when they are finally brought before the public. In them one finds a creative ability of elemental power, a character that freely and with self-awareness sets its own path, and, together with freshness of spirit, possesses a full mastery of its material.’

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