Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Celebration of mass inaugurating the new academic year of the Educational Institute of Jungmann

Venue: St Ursula's Church [Kostel Sv. Voršily]

Event type: Church music events

Date: 04/10/1854 9am

Programme unspecified:

General participants:
  • Žofín Academy: participating institution
UNSPECIFIED, ? : unspecified solemn Mass, vv, [orch / orch?]


This event was reported by Mercy’s Anzeiger 4/10/1854 as being given to inaugurate the new academic year of the Private Teaching and Educational Institute of Jungmann [der Privat- Lehr- und Erziehungsanstalt des Herrn Jungmann]. The occasion would comprise a solemn Mass and a Veni sancte Spiritus. A review was published by Mercy’s Anzeiger 6/10/1854. This related: ‘On October 4th took place the opening festival for this year’s Teaching course for pupils of Jungmann’s Private Teaching- and Educational-Institute. This began with a solemn Mass, celebrate by the esteemed Prelate of the Strahov Monastary and emeritus Rector magnificus Professor Hieronymus Zeidler with numerous assistants. Pupils of the Žofín Academy Director Mr A. Vogl performed a vocal Mass given essential for the edification of both the young and the numerous believers that were present. Thereafter in the place of the Institute, where the busts of Their Majesties were festively wreathed, a speech was given by the teacher of religion of the Institute, part in German language and part in Czech. Thereupon a speech to the young students was given by the Director of the Institute, similarly in German and in Czech.’ The occasion ended with the singing of the National Anthem. 

Summary of sources:

Mercy's Anzeiger für Böhmen (04/10/1854)
Mercy's Anzeiger für Böhmen (06/10/1854)