Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Musical entertainment 'Brilliant Double-festival [Brillantes Doppel-Fest]' given by ensemble of the Royal 24th Rifles Battalion

Venue: Hraba's Restaurant (Garden restaurant)

Parent Event:
Musical entertainment given by Weber's Orchestra

Event type: Popular social musical and dance events

Date: 03/09/1854 3pm

Programme unspecified:

General participants:
  • ensemble of the Royal 24th Rifles Battalion: participating ensemble
  • STANĚK, Václav: director of ensemble


A substantial advertisement was published for this event in Mercy’s Anzeiger 2/9/1854. The source reported:

Sunday 3rd September 1854
Brilliant Double - Festival,
[Nachfeier] to celebrate the Birthday of His Highness Royal Apostolic Majesty Emperor
Franz Joseph I and a
at which the Ensemble of the 24th Rifles Battalion under the direction of Mr Kapellmeister Staniek [Staněk]
will perform the most exquisite and favourite music pieces, and Mr A. Krach, Chemist and
renowned fireworks-technician [Pyrotechniker], specially for this festival Brilliant-Transparent-
Illuminations of the Garden will be arranging.
Commencing 3pm. - Admission only 10kr, Children half price.
                                                                                       J. Bendl, host.’

Der Tagesbote 3/9/1854 reported that ‘Today takes place in the Eisenbahngarten [Station Garden - formerly Hraba’s Garden Restaurant] a great festival with banners lit by the pyrotechnician Mr Krach.’ No further details were given by this source.

The Vergnügungsanzeiger of Mercy’s Anzeiger 3/9/1854 reported ‘Today Sunday: In the Station-Garden brilliant Double Festival, Wake for the high Birthday celebrations of His Royal Majesty the Emperor and Harvest-Festival, Music of the the 24th Rifles Battalion, Illumination by Mr Krach.’. No further details were given by the source.

A brief review of this event was published by Mercy’s Anzeiger 5/9/1854. The source reported that ‘The Festival that took place the day before yesterday in the Station Garden, which was favoured exquisitely by the weather, attraced an exceedingly numerous and sanguine public. The illuminated balloons [Ballons - lanterns?] in varied colours were very prettyů universal and vigorous applause was gained by the raising of two banners [Transparente] which spelt out the Imperial monogram [Namenszüge].’ No information was given about the musical content of the occasion.

Summary of sources:

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Mercy's Anzeiger für Böhmen (03/09/1854)
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