Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Musical entertainment given for members of the Měšťanská beseda [Civic Society] and their wives

Venue: Civic Society [Měšťanská beseda / Bürger-Ressource]

Event type: Personal and private musical events

Date: 05/07/1862 8pm

Season: Summer

Programme comprising:

SVĚČÍN, Mikuláš Dimitri : Fantasie on Russian themes, vl, [pf?]
     • Svěčín, Mikuláš Dimitri : vl
PROCHÁZKA, Jan Ludevít : chorus Svoji k svému (To each his own), solo v, male vv chorus
     • Lukes, Jan Ludevít : v
     • unspecified male chorus: vv
NÁPRAVNÍK, Eduard : song I šepce kvítí (Even the whispering flowers), op.2
     • Ehrenbergů, Eleonora z : v
UNIDENTIFIED, ? : unspecified Czech folksongs, v
     • Ehrenbergů, Eleonora z : v
BRADSKÝ, Theodor Václav : song Zastaveníčko (Serenade), v, pf, op.11
     • Lukes, Jan Ludevít : v


An unsigned Národní listy 8/7/1862 review noted that ‘The programme was very interesting, the compositions performed by our renowned guest [the Russian violin virtuoso] Mr Dimitri Svěčín, in particular gaining the most splendid success’. Svěčín was regarded by the Národní listy critic as a performer whose playing style was characterized by expressive effect rather than by pure display, a violinist ‘who does not pace the beaten track of vagrant virtuosi, [but one] who scorns superficial effects.’ Although the correspondent considered that as a result of this expressive approach his artistic triumphs were ‘perhaps celebrated with less clamour’, his successes were probably ‘more durable and more honourable.’ The programme is reproduced in order corresponding with the description of the event given in this review.

The brief Dalibor 10/7/1862 review, signed ‘-ý.’, reported that Svěčín’s Fantasie was particularly well-liked, and was ‘prettily performed.’ Miss z Ehrenbergů gained ‘great applause’ for her ‘splendid’ performances of Nápravník’s I šepce kvítí [Even the whispering flowers] and of an unspecified folksong. ‘Mr Lukes sang as usual [Pan Lukes zpíval jak obyčejně...] one song by Procházka and Zastaveníčko (Serenade) by Theod. Bradský.’

Summary of sources:

Národní listy (04/07/1862)
Národní listy (05/07/1862)
Národní listy (08/07/1862)
Dalibor, časopis pro hudbu, divadlo a umění vůbec (10/07/1862)