Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Benefit concert in aid of the widow of the late František Škroup

Venue: Žofín Island (Žofín Hall)

Event type: Art music culture

Date: 04/04/1862

Season: Lent

Programme comprising:

General participants:
  • Estates Theatre orchestra: participating institution
  • JAHN, Vilém: director of ensemble, conductor

Part 1:

ŠKROUP, František Jan : Overture from opera Der Meergeuse, orch, op.34
arr. Meyerbeer, Giacomo: Waltz from act 2 of opera Faust , arr. v, orch
     • Lucca, Paulina : v
MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus : quintet Il destin cosi defrauda act 1. scene 4 of opera Così fan Tutte, K588

Part 2:

BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van : Overture to opera Leonore, orch, nr.3, op.72
ŠKROUP, František Jan : aria unspecified, from opera Der Meergeuse, v, orch, op.34
     • Bachmann, Eduard : v
SPOHR, Louis : aria unspecified, from opera Faust, v, orch
     • Steinecke, ? : v
HALÉVY, Fromental : aria from unspecified opera, v, orch
     • Ehrenbergů, Eleonora z : v
UNIDENTIFIED, ? : unspecified Czech folksong, v
     • Ehrenbergů, Eleonora z : v
ŠKROUP, František Jan : song Češka (Czech lady), v, pf, op.32
     • Ehrenbergů, Eleonora z : v
ŠKROUP, František Jan : aria Kde domov můj? Where is my homeland? incidental music Fidlovačka (Fidlovačka [name of Prague spring fair]), v, orch
     • Ehrenbergů, Eleonora z : v


A review ‘signed -ý.’ of this concert was published by Prager Morgenpost 5/4/1862. The critic, reporting on 4 April, noted that ‘Today took place the concert arranged for the benefit of the widow of the late Kapellmeister Franz Škraup [František Škroup].’ The programme was praised for its containing works ‘by the unforgettable everlasting Master [Škroup]’ that had not been heard for some time. ‘The opening of this Akademie was with the Overture to (madly, I know, unperformed for years) Škroup’s opera: “Der Meergeuse.” After that Mr Hallenstein performed very expressivley a poem, with real artistic expression. Miss Lucca, appearing very recently as a guest on concert podiums, gave with great credit with her superb voice Meyerbeer’s transciption of the Waltz from Gounod’s Faust. When the Quintet from Mozart’s “Cosi fan tutte”, which needs to be given with its adjoining [pieces] (this genial work is not worthy of this greatest of all tone-poets), was encored, we cannot understand [why]. The second part of the concert was opened with Beethoven’s great Overture in C major (nr.3) from the opera “Fidelio”. It was very precisely performed by the [Estates] Theatre orchestra. Messrs Bachmann and Steinecke sang an aria from the opera der Meergeuse and from Spohr’s Faust” Through suddenly being taken ill Miss von Ehrenberg [z Ehrenbergů] replaced Mirs Kainz-Prause [Prauseová] and sang an aria of Halevy (die Rosensee”), a Czech folksong, and Škroup’s favourite [song] Češka”]. To conclude Miss Brenner gave “Kde domov můj.” She sang just two strophes. All those participating did so freely. The concert was directed by Kapellmeister Jahn.’

Prager Morgenpost 15/4/1862 and Národní listy 16/4/1862 stated that a concert given in the Žofín Hall by Vilém Jahn (the director of the Society of Musical Artists) had raised 575zl for the benefit of the widow of František Škroup. The same news was related in a brief note published by Dalibor 20/4/1862. A benefit concert to be directed by Jahn in aid of the Škroup family had, according to a report appearing in Národní listy 29/3/1862, originally been scheduled to take place on 30/3/1864. However, the report noted that the performance had had to be postponed ‘for several days’ owing to the death of Jahn’s mother. 

Summary of sources:

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