Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Festival entertainment arranged in honour of the violinst Ede Reményi by the Civic Society

Venue: Civic Society [Měšťanská beseda / Bürger-Ressource]

Event type: Personal and private musical events

Date: 22/03/1862

Season: Lent

Programme including:

UNSPECIFIED, ? : unspecified chorus, male vv
     • Heller, Ferdinand : v Lukes, Jan Ludevít : v Srb, Josef : v Follberger, Bedřich : v
arr. Reményi, Ede: Hussitenlied , arr. vl
     • Reményi, Ede : vl
arr. Reményi, Ede: J. Strauss: march Radetzky , arr. vl
     • Reményi, Ede : vl
General participants:
  • BĚLSKÁ, Louisa: soloist, v
  • BRENNER, Johanna: soloist, v
  • EILERS, Albert: soloist, v
  • LUKES, Jan Ludevít: soloist, v
  • POPPER, David: soloist, vc


The unsigned reports published by Národní listy 23/3/1862 and Dalibor 1/4/1862 noted that participating in this entertainment were, aside from the Hungarian violinist Eduard Reményi in whose honour the occasion was arranged, the Prague ’cellist David Popper, and the vocalists Mrs L. Bělská, Miss Johanna Brennerová, Hardtmuth and J.L. Lukes. A previous report published by Národní listy 22/3/1862 noted that the participants were to include Mrs Bělská, Brennerová, F. Heller, Lukes, Popper, A. Eilers, B. Follberger and Josef Srb. Bohemia 22/3/1862 published a notice for this event reporting: ‘Civic Society. Today Saturday, 22nd March of this year will take place in the Society-locale a CONCERT, in which will be participating Mr Reményi, the ladies Bělsky [Bělská] and Brenner, the Messrs Heller, Lukes, Sütz and Vollberger. Commencing 7.30 in the evening. The honourable gentleman members and their ladies are courteously invited to numerously attend. From the committee of the Civic Society.’

Whether those artists appearing in the pre-event reports and whose names were not mentioned by the subsequent review actually participated in the production cannot be ascertained. The male voice choir cannot be identified. Reményi was presented by Julius Grégr with a gold medal as a memento of his time in Bohemia, and was given four valuable gold shirt studs by Huleš, the president of the Měšťanská beseda. Reményi left Prague on 24/3/1862.

Summary of sources:

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