Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Second annual quartet entertainment [kvartettní zábava / Quartett-Soirée]

Venue: Konvikt

Event type: Art music culture

Date: 21/11/1861 4.30pm

Programme comprising:

General participants:
  • MILDNER, Mořic: soloist, vl
  • BRÜCKNER, Franz: soloist, vl
  • WEBER, Jan: soloist, va
  • SCHMIDT, Heinrich: soloist, vc
  • KOLÁROVÁ, Augustina: soloist, pf
MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus : String Quartet Dissonance, 2vl, va, vc, C major, K465
BARGIEL, Woldemar : Piano Trio, pf, vl, vc, nr.1, F major, op.6
SCHUMANN, Robert Alexander : String Quartet, A minor, op.41/1


Prager Morgenpost 19/11/1861 announced the date, time and venue of this second soirée and listed the programme. On 23/11/1861 the newspaper published an enthusiastic review, signed ‘-a.’ This lauded the performances, particularly by Mildner, Schmidt and Kolárová, and praised the Trio by Bargiel. The event was attended by a numerous and enthusiastic audience.

The unsigned Dalibor 1/12/1861 review considered that this second quartet entertainment was of ‘still greater interest than the first [given on 14/11/1861], and was particularly interesting in that we heard the poetic, for the most part original, and contrived with great skill, trio by Bargiel, which certainly belongs to the greatest [compositions] of that kind in more modern times... However, our interest in this piece was elevated further still by the spirited, in each respect studied and nuanced playing of the talented pianist, Miss Augusta Kolárová, who penetrated this beautiful work of Bargiel and, as is possible to expect only from a perfect artiste, so excellently conveyed the main features and details of his piano [writing].’ The violinist in the performance of this trio was Mořic Mildner. The review noted that the performance of the Mozart and Schumann quartets ‘was so polished, accurate and perfect, the ensemble so precise and in a single spirit, that the select audience was roused to vociferous applause.’

Summary of sources:

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