Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Second 'Humorous little Garland [Humoristický věneček]' arranged by Emanuel Meliš and [H.] Přerhof

Venue: Konvikt

Event type: Art music culture

Date: 12/12/1860

Season: Advent

Programme comprising, part 1:

General participants:
  • PŘERHOF, Heřmann: actor / actress / theatre performer
  • unspecified chorus: participating ensemble
VOGL, František Arnold : chorus Zpěv jinochů (Song of the youths), male vv chorus
     • Lukes, Jan Ludevít :
LUBOMIRSKI, Kazimierz, Prince : song Zawsze a Wszędzie (Always and everywhere), v, [pf]
     • Blažková, Věkoslava Aloisie : v
SUCHÁNEK, František : song Jarní píseň (Spring song), v, pf
     • Blažková, Věkoslava Aloisie : v
GRAF, Vilém : piano piece Souvenir de Bohême, pf, op.5
     • Svobodová, Božena : pf
MONIUSZKO , Stanislaw : duet unspecified, from opera Halka, 2vv, [pf arr.]
     • Blažková, Věkoslava Aloisie : Pivoda, František : v
PIVODA, František : duet Dárek nejněžnější (Most tender gift), 2vv, pf, op.37
     • Blažková, Věkoslava Aloisie : v Pivoda, František : v

Part 2:

ZVONAŘ, Josef Leopold : chorus Šumí Labe (Murmuring Labe), male vv chorus
     • Lukes, Jan Ludevít :
PIVODA, František : duet Dárek nejněžnější (Most tender gift), 2vv, pf, op.37
     • Blažková, Věkoslava Aloisie : v Pivoda, František : v
PIVODA, František : song Srdce ztracené no.4 from 8 songs for low voice [Osmero písní pro nížský hlas], v, pf, op.27/2
     • Pivoda, František : v
PIVODA, František : song Na výsosti hvězdy svítí Stars shine on high no.5 from 8 songs for low voice [Osmero písní pro nížský hlas], 2vv, pf, op.28/1
     • Pivoda, František : v
PIVODA, František : song Jako krajina nebeská Like a heavenly land no.1 from 8 songs for low voice [Osmero písní pro nížský hlas], v, pf, op.26/1
     • Pivoda, František : v
PIVODA, František : song Píseň krumlovská (Krumlov song), v, pf, op.2/2
     • Pivoda, František : v
VEIT, Wenzel Heinrich : Concertino, solo vl, str, toy insts, D major, op.25
     • Bendl, Karel : unspecified Horejšek, Václav : unspecified Nápravník, Eduard : unspecified Pech, Jindřich : unspecified Pivoda, František : unspecified Šebor, Karel Richard : unspecified Kittl, Jan Bedřich : unspecified Heller, Ferdinand : unspecified Slavík, Karel : unspecified


The German-language newspaper Der Tagesbote 4/12/1860 reported that three ‘humorous Garlands [humoristischen Kränzchen] arranged by Meliš and Přerhof were being given in the Konvikt Hall on 5th, 12th and 27th December.‘Music, song and humorous sketches will make up their content; Miss Körschner [Körschnerová] as well as Messrs Lukes, Piwoda [Pivoda], Heller, Naprawník [Nápravník] and others have promised to participate. The admission fee is 30 kr.’

News of this ‘second musical Garland, which the editor [of Dalibor] Mr Em. Meliš arranges today in the Konvikt Hall’, was published by Bohemia 12/12/1860. The source listed the programme, although the group of songs by Pivoda wwas only decribed as ‘Songs [Lieder] by Pivoda, sung by the composer’, as well as the participating soloists in all the works except the ‘Musikalischer Scherz [Musical Joke] by W.H. Veit.’ A brief, unsigned review appeared in Bohemia 14/12/1860. This reported that ‘The day-before-yesterday’s second humorous Garland in the Konvikt Hall was as well-attended as the first

As with the first ‘humorous little soirée’, held a week earlier on 5/12/1860, the subsequent report by Dalibor 20/12/1860 quoted the review of this musical and declamatory entertainment that was published by the German periodical Prager Morgenpost. The German-language newspaper enthused about the standards of performance, and commented briefly but favourably on some of the works given. Particularly successful were considered to have been the chorus by J.L. Zvonař, which had to be repeated upon the demand of the audience, and the duet from Halka, following which Pivoda and Miss Blažková performed as an encore the Czech duet Dárek nejněžnější. The production was particularly notable for the performance of Veit’s light-hearted Concertino for solo violin, strings and toy instruments. Participating in the performance of this work were a number of leading composers and personalities in Prague musical life of the time. According to the Morgenpost review they comprised Karel Bendl, V. Horejšek, E. Nápravník, Jindřich Pech, F. Pivoda, Š---r [probably Karel Šebor], K---l, F. Heller, and K. Slavík. The individual ‘K---l’ was quite possibly the then director of the Prague Conservatory, Kittl, particularly given that the other members of the ensemble included notable figures in local musical life, but may also have been Alojs Karel.

The programme is listed in performance order, as noted by the Bohemia 12/12/1860 listing, and including the encore of the duet by Pivoda as reported in the Prager Morgenpost / Dalibor review. Declamations [by Přerhof] were given following the chorus by Vogl and before Veit’s Concertino, and prior to the duet from Moniuszko’s opera was a ‘Humorous lecture [Humoristische Lecture].’

Summary of sources:

Tagesbote aus Böhmen (04/12/1860)
Bohemia (12/12/1860)
Dalibor, hudební časopis s měsíční notovou přílohou (20/12/1860)