Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Celebration of mass

Venue: St James's Church [Kostel svatého Jakuba] (Church)

Event type: Church music events

Date: 25/07/1851

Season: Summer

Programme including:

TAUWITZ, Eduard : Mass, solo vv, chorus, orch, nr.1, G minor
     • St James's Church [Kostel svatého Jakuba]: vv


Lumír 31/7/1851 reported that on 25th July a new mass by Tauwitz was performed in St James’s church. Tauwitz, noted the reviewer (signed ‘V. d A.), was ‘already well known to both the those knowledgable and to the public as a serious composer of many works, for example the excellent music to Deborah, and with not a little excitement we looked forward to the performance of his mass. Really we were not disappointed in expecting something of excellence; we can only with great praise mention the new creation of this richly talented composer. The style of the music is less than strictly sacred, but of the greatest elegance and elevated. The exception to this is perhaps the Kyrie in G minor, which seems almost slightly sombre and pensive. Of particular mention warrant the Gloria and Credo; both movemets are very imposing, marked by very skilful and fluent orchestraion of the most interesting ideas and both ending with fugues of very knowledgable working. In the second part of the Credo the composer, if we are not mistaken, uses an old cantus firmus in the middle voices and executes this very effectively. The Benedictus, the greater part of which is composed for voices and wind instruments can be called very successful and has a truly elegiac-religious style. The whole mass reveals a deep study of the serious style and a very happy talent for church music. It is a pity that here in Prague we have not heard Tauwitz’s operas. He has composed two, one of which is titled Bradamante and the second Schmolke und Bakel. In Germany they were both enjoyed.’

Summary of sources:

Lumír (31/07/1851)