Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Performance of music for the school-inspector and director F. Effenberger by pupils of the Lyceum

Venue: Lyceum

Event type: Art music culture

Date: 02/12/1851

Season: Advent

Programme comprising:

General participants:
  • Lyceum: pupil(s) of institute, vv
SCHULTZ, ? : chorus Von Dir, o Ewiger, vv
UNSPECIFIED, ? : Psalm no.8 Jehova, strafe mich nicht in deinem Zorn, vv
SCHNABEL, Joseph Ignaz : unspecified chorus, male vv
ŠKROUP, Jan Nepomuk : song Kde vlast je má (Where is my country?), v, chorus, pf
JELEN, Alois : chorus Theuer uns Allen, male vv
ČERNOHORSKÝ, Bohuslav Matěj : Fugue [motet] Laudetur Jesus Christus, vv


Details of this event were published in a report appearing in the Lokalzeitung of Bohemia 5/12/1851. This noted that ‘On 2nd of December that pupils of the Little Quarter Lyceum gave a cantata [Kantate] for the school inspector and director Mr F. Effenberger.’ All professors of the institute were present. The hall was decorated for the occasion, and a special festival cantata composed by the teacher of song Mr Kauble was performed. Following a speech a programme of choral works was given.

Summary of sources:

Bohemia (05/12/1851)