Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Annual practical examinations for pupils of the Music Institute of Josef Jiránek

Venue: Platýz

Event type: Examinations and didactic events

Date: 05/08/1851 10am; 3pm

Season: Summer

Programme unspecified:

General participants:
  • Music Institute of Josef Jiránek: pupil(s) of institute


News of the annual public performance examinations of pupils of Josef Jiránek’s Music Institute was published by Bohemia 1851. The report noted that the examinations would take place on 5th August at 10am and 3pm, and on 6th August at 10am in the Saale zum Platteyß [Platýz]. Admission tickets could be obtained from the Institute itself located on the second floor of the Platýz. O further details of the event were given by this source.

Summary of sources:

Bohemia (01/08/1851)