Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Arrival at the State Railway Station of the Queen Mother Karoline

Venue: Main State Railway Station [now Masarykovo nádraží]

Event type: State or civil events

Date: 14/06/1851 8.45

Season: Summer

Programme including:

General participants:
  • unspecified military music ensemble: participating ensemble
HAYDN, Franz Joseph : Austrian national hymn [anthem], vv


The Lokalzeitung section of Bohemia 15/6/1851 reported that on 14th June at 8pm there assembled at the railway station the Archduke Leopold and civil  and military officials to receive Her Majesty the Queen Mother Karoline. After arriving at the station at 8.45 she departed 15 minutes later to Theresienstadt [Terezín], evidently en route visit Ploškovice to visit her son the deposed Emperor Ferdinand. The report noted that in the hall of the stations there paraded an unspecified company of Grenadiers, and an unspecified band played the Volkshymn in the arrival and departure of the Queen.

Summary of sources:

Bohemia, ein Unterhaltungsblatt (15/06/1851)