Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Performance [Prüfungsproduktion] given by pupils of the Music Institute of J. Proksch

Venue: Žofín Island (Žofín Hall)

Event type: Examinations and didactic events

Date: 03/08/1850 10am; 5pm

Season: Summer

Programme of works for piano, including:

General participants:
  • Music Institute of Josef Proksch: pupil(s) of institute
UNSPECIFIED, ? : unspecified works for piano, or multiple pianos, pf
     • Altschulová, ? : pf Claudius, ? : pf Gärtlgruberová, ? : pf Lippa, ? : pf Schohay, ? : pf Zindlová, ? : pf Marschlerová, Marie : pf Newarka, ? : pf Fischer, Karl : pf Ruß, Johann : pf Altschul, Friedrich Rudolf : pf Müller, Carl : pf Grund, ? : pf Mally, ? : pf
HERZ, Henri : unspecified Duo, pf
     • Heythumová, Rosa : pf
THALBERG, Sigismond : unspecified Scherzo, pf
     • Tomášková, Gabriela : pf


Advance information of the annual musical examinations, open to the public, of pupils of the Music Institute of Proksch was published by Bohemia 28/7/1850. The examinations were to take place over two days, on 31st July and 1st August at Proksch’s Institute, followed by a ‘Prüfungs-Produktion’ - in effect a concert of pupils  - to be given in the Žofín Hall on 3rd August at 10am for gentlemen pupils and at 5pm for ladies. Admission tickets and programmes were noted to be freely available from the Institute. No further details of the programme were noted by this source text.

The Tagesanzeiger texts of Bohemia 1/8/1850 and 2/8/1850 specified the date, venue and times of the performance of pupils of Proksch’s Institute on Saturday 3rd August.

A review, unsigned, of the production on the 3rd August was published by Prager Zeitung 10/8/1850. This reported that the men and women pupils performing in these annual practical examinations once again achieved very distinguished success. Of the male pupils [who probably played in the morning event] the text listed as having gained particular applause Messrs Carl Fischer, Johann Ruß, Friedrich Altschul, and Carl Müller. The correspondent then noted that the audience attendance of the afternoon event was ‘very numerous’ and that each ‘excellent piece on the rich programme’ gripped the attention. Of the female pupils Miss Rosa Heythum [Heythumová] was identified as possesing ‘together with a lovely appearance - a fine talent and seemed among the students the furthest advanced.’ She participated in several numbers and was complimented upon her ‘beautiful touch, good execution and poise, and was especially noteworthy in the Duo by Herz, and it is only to be regretted that she did not perform any solo items. Miss Gabriele Tomaschek [Tomášková] was heard in a Scherzo by Thalberg, which she performed with great charm and fluency. Misses Altschul, Claudius, Gärtlgruber, Lippa, Mally, Schohay, Grund, Zindl, Marschler and Newarka received much applause from their good ensemble playing.’

Summary of sources:

Bohemia (28/07/1850)
Bohemia (01/08/1850)
Bohemia (02/08/1850)
Prager Zeitung (10/08/1850)