Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Benefit musical festival [Musikfest] for the music ensemble of the Infantry Regiment of Wimpffen

Venue: Zdekauer's Garden

Event type: Popular social musical and dance events

Date: 03/07/1850 pm

Season: Summer

Beneficiary: ensemble of Infantry Regiment of Baron von Wimpffen

Programme including:

General participants:
  • ensemble of Infantry Regiment of Baron von Wimpffen: participating ensemble
  • ensemble of Imperial Infantry Regiment of Dom Miguel: participating ensemble
  • WHIT, Emil: director of ensemble
WHIT, Emil : Tone-picture [Tongemälde] Die Schlacht bei Moor, orch
HAYDN, Franz Joseph : Austrian national hymn [anthem], vv
Russian national anthem [hymn]
Prussian national anthem [hymn]


Bohemia 5/7/1850 published a brief, unsigned post-event report of this performance in the Lokalzeitung section of the newspaper. This noted that ‘The day before yesterday the attendance of a benefit music festival [Musikfest] for Mr Kapellmeister Whit in Zdekauer’s Garden was numerous. Two musical bands, of the Infantry Regiment of Wimpffen and of Dom Miguel, dispersed into three places within the garden played miscellaneous pieces in rotation, and Mr Cestari sang several times to great applause. The second part included the tone-picture “Die Schlacht bei Moor” by Em. Whit. The rockets and Bengal lights [bengalische Feuer - a type of firework] lit the stands of trees and the people underneath them with a picturesque, magnificent effect. At the close of this universally approved Festival the Austrian, Russian and Prussian national anthems were sung.’ Two days later on 7/7/1850 the newspaper published a correction to its earlier report, stating that the event was given for the the benefit of the musical ensemble of the Wimpffen Regiment, and not for Mr Whit.

During the winter and spring of 1850 many cases of cholera were being reported in Prague yet this seems to have had little effect on attendance of social events. By mid-summer the situation seemed to be improving, as was outlined in a report in Bohemia immediately following the above concert review. Such reports appeared regularly in the local newspaper publications. During the week of 23rd to 30th June there were only 83 cases and the disease was said to be retreating. However, by the middle of August the situation was again severe, Bohemia 18/8/1850 reporting that the disease was increasingly rampant throughout the country. In October the newspaper noted on 13/10/1850 that the outbreak was decreasing.

Summary of sources:

Bohemia (05/07/1850)
Bohemia (07/07/1850)