Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Performance of Liedertafel by members of the Deutsche Casino

Venue: Garden of Mr Bachhaibl

Event type: Popular social musical and dance events

Date: 06/06/1850 pm

Season: Summer

Programme of partsongs or choruses for male voices, including:

General participants:
  • Deutsche Casino: participating institution, male vv
  • TAUWITZ, Eduard: director of ensemble, conductor
TAUWITZ, Eduard : partsong Abendlied no.6 of 6 songs for 4 male voices [Sechs Lieder], 4 male vv


Bohemia 4/6/1850 published a notice of this event, posted to members by the directorate of the Deutsche Casino. This invited all members and their families to a ‘Liedertafel-Produktion’ that would be given in the garden of Mr Bachhaibl as part of preparations for a forthcoming Singer-excursion [Sängerfahrt]. The notice related that the directorship had arranged seating and hospitality [presumably food and drink] through the services of a nearby [unspecified] innkeeper. Members were therefore asked to obtain admission tickets as soon as possible from the custodian of the society. Finally, the notice stated that if the weather was unfavourable the event would take place on the next day.

A post-event report, signed
‘ŋ’, was published by Bohemia 9/6/1850. This related that the event took place on the evening of 6th June, owing to heavy rain on the previous day. Attending were well over 300 people, many of whom were from outside Prague. The ‘comfortable and roomy’ venue, provided ‘with great kindness’ for the occasion by Mr Bachhaibl, was noted to have contributed to the cheerfulness of the occasion. Although initially the singers were noted to have had difficulty with their performance, and had not at once ‘achieved the desired effect’, their performance was considered to have been successful. In an obvious reflection of the amateur and enthusiatic social character of this event, the correspondent then mused that life was of little worth if it did not cherish both art and sociability, a combination evident in the Liedertafel activities of the Deutsche Casino. Finally, the text noted that only the evening chill had prevented the gathering from continuing much past 11pm. Barring Tauwitz’s Abendlied, which provided a final ‘Amen’, no details of the programme and works performed was related by the source.

The members of the Deutsche Casino engaged in exclusive ‘Liedertafel’ singing entertainments during the 1850s. Exactly how many performers participated in rehearsals and, from the summer of 1850, in occasional entertainment-performances, was not specified by any reporting periodical sources. However, certain review texts indicate that the body undoubtedly comprised a significant number of singers, and was rehearsed and directed (1850-?) by Eduard Tauwitz.

Summary of sources:

Bohemia (04/06/1850)
Bohemia (09/06/1850)