Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Performance of Liedertafel

Venue: Deutsche Casino

Event type: Popular social musical and dance events

Date: 14/03/1850 pm

Season: Lent

Programme including:

General participants:
  • Deutsche Casino: participating institution, male vv
SCHMIDT, ? : uspecified partsong Trinklied, male vv
KALIVODA, Jan Křtitel Václav : unspecified German partsong, male vv


Bohemia 17/3/1850 published a post-event report that this production of Liedertafel was attended by as distinguished a number of members as the previous production [28/2/1850]. The event, taking place in the ‘friendly’ rooms of the venue was characterized by the utmost conviviality. Among the works rehearsed were Schmidt’s Trinklied and an unspecified German song by Kalliwoda [Kalivoda]. The former was rehearsed only briefly, apparently owing to its ‘debilitating, intoxicating vivacity’.

Summary of sources:

Bohemia (17/03/1850)