Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Funeral service for Josef Klecanský [Klečanský]

Venue: St Raphael's Chapel [Kaple svatého Rafaela]

Event type: Personal and private musical events

Date: 18/03/1850 10am

Season: Lent

Funeral service, including:

UNSPECIFIED, ? : vocal quartet, 4vv
     • unspecified quartet: vv


Advance news of this event appeared in a report in Bohemia 17/3/1850, which noted that ‘Tomorrow at 10am in the church [chapel] of St Raphael the Directorate of the Society for the Care and Employment of Adult Blind in Bohemia have arranged a solemn memorial service for the late Secretary Klecansky.’ No further details of the occasion were given.

Prager Zeitung
19/3/1850 published a report dated 18/3/1850 that ‘Today took place in the St Raphael church [chapel] the funeral service for the late Secretary and President of the Commission for Land Reform [Grundentlastungs-Landeskommission]’. The event was numerously attended, the mourners including many colleagues. During the Requiem mass ‘a fitting vocal-quartet’ was reported as having been sung with great feeling, but no other details of the musical content of the occasion were related. No connection with the Society for the Blind was reported by this text. ‘Klecansky’ was presumably a patron of that institute. Bohemia 26/4/1850 published news that the Committee for the erection of a grave-memorial for Klecanksy had commissioned the sculptor Joseph Mar to create such a monument.

Summary of sources:

Bohemia (17/03/1850)
Prager Zeitung (19/03/1850)