Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Final performance given by Leop. Schiller and Wilhelm and Therese Schmidt

Venue: Konvikt

Event type: Popular social musical and dance events

Date: 03/03/1850 7pm

Season: Lent

Programme unspecified, but comprising:

General participants:
  • SCHMIDT, Therese: soloist
  • SCHMIDT, Wilhelm: soloist
  • SCHILLER, Leopold: soloist
unspecified songs
UNSPECIFIED, ? : unspecified works for zither, zither
UNSPECIFIED, ? : unspecified works for pedal harp, hrp


An advertisement was published by Bohemia 3/3/1850 giving news of this event. It noted that ‘Today, Sunday 3rd March, Leop. Schiller, Wilhelm and Therese Schmidt on the chromatic zither, pedal harp, and in serious and comic songs will have the honour of performing for the last time in the Konvikt Hall. After which they have been flattered by the very highest fortune of being asked to perform for the pleasure of their Majesties the Kaiser and Kaiserin [Ferdinand and Marie Anne].’ Admission to the public event in the Konvikt Hall was specified at 6kr.

The individual rôles taken by the three soloists cannot be ascertained.

Summary of sources:

Bohemia (03/03/1850)