Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

First evening musical entertainments given by [pupils of the Music Institute of] J. Proksch

Venue: Music Institute of Josef Proksch

Event type: Art music culture

Date: 17/02/1850 5pm

Season: Lent

Programme including:

General participants:
  • Music Institute of Josef Proksch: participating institution
arr. unspecified, ?: unspecified symphony , arr. pf
arr. unspecified, ?: Overture to Mozart's opera Die Zauberflöte , arr. pf
UNSPECIFIED, ? : Variations on the Austrian national anthem [über die österreichische Volkshymne], 8 pf (16 hands)
MOSCHELES, Ignaz : unspecified Duo, pf
UNSPECIFIED, ? : song Die Theilung der Erde, v, pf


Bohemia 12/2/1850 published news that a cycle of evening musical entertainments [musikalischen Abendunterhaltungen] given by [members of the Institute of] J. Proksch would, as usual, be taking place this year on Sundays in Lent at 5pm in the rooms of the Institute. Brief details were given of the works to be performed in the first of these events. The last of these works was listed as ‘Die Theilung der Erde, Gesangstück von Haydn’, a work that during the nineteenth century was attributed to Haydn but was actually the composition of Reiter von Roser.

The date, time and venue of the first of Proksch’s entertainments were listed in the Tagesanzeiger texts of Bohemia 15/2/1850 and 17/2/1850.

Summary of sources:

Bohemia (12/02/1850)
Bohemia (15/02/1850)
Bohemia (17/02/1850)