Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Memorial service given to commemorate deceased members of the Jewish Charitable Society [Israelitische Nächstenliebeverein]

Venue: New Jewish Synagogue

Event type: Church music events

Date: 05/01/1850

Beneficiary: Jewish Charitable Society

Programme including:

UNSPECIFIED, ? : uspecified chorales, vv, org accomp.
     • unspecified participants: vv unspecified, ? : org
UNSPECIFIED, ? : unspecified German sacred songs, vv
     • unspecified participants: vv
UNSPECIFIED, ? : unspecified Hebrew songs, vv
     • unspecified participants: vv


A report of this event was published in Bohemia 10/1/1850. The text, sent in [eingesendet] by an unsigned correspondent recorded that the event took place the previous Saturday, and that invitations published in the newspapers had led to the occasion enjoying a ‘very numerous attendance’, not only of society members ‘but also of various other Jewish and Christian participants - among which we observed many clergy and men of high rank.’ Specifically identified where the Court Counsellor [Stadthauptmann] Sacher and the Mayor Dr Vaňka; the ‘festively decorated New Jewish Synagogue was full.’ Of the programme the report related that the ‘poignant speech by Dr Kämpf and the touching prayer for the salvation of named late members, the solemn organ-accompanied chorale and the songs in German and Hebrew made such a profound impression on the assembly, that even in the eyes of the most seasoned [gereister - lit. well-travelled] men teardrops were apparent.’ Finally, the correspondent noted that a collection for charity was made in the foyer of the Synagogue, and expressed the hope that the ‘worthy festival’ would enjoy such success in future years.

Summary of sources:

Bohemia (10/01/1850)