Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Society Ball for the benefit of the [Prague] Poor House

Venue: Žofín Island (Žofín Hall)

Event type: Popular social musical and dance events

Date: 09/01/1850 pm

Season: Carnival

Beneficiary: Prague Institute for the Poor [St Bartholomew Poor House]

Programme unspecified:

General participants:
  • unspecified participants: unspecified


The title, date, venue and time of this event were listed in the Tagesanzeiger text of Bohemia 8/1/1850. No further details were given by the source. This was the first major ball of the 1850 season (as opposed to a ‘musical trial’) to be reported by Bohemia or Prager Zeitung. Most of these events were not covered by periodical sources during 1850. Bohemia 17/2/1850 published news that during the Carnival season [from 7 January until Shrovetide] there had taken place 52 public balls and reunions, 96 private balls [Hausbälle] and entertainments, and 88 dance entertainments in hostelries [in Wirtshäusern].

Summary of sources:

Bohemia (08/01/1850)