Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

First concert given by violinist Henri Vieuxtemps

Venue: Estates Theatre

Event type: Art music culture

Date: 30/12/1859 7pm

Programme comprising, part 1:

General participants:
  • VIEUXTEMPS, Henri: soloist, vl
  • Estates Theatre orchestra: participating orchestra
MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY, Felix : Overture Der Hebriden [Fingalshöle] (The Hebrides), orch, op.26
     • Jahn, Vilém : conductor
VIEUXTEMPS, Henri : first movement from Concerto for violin and orchestra, vl, orch, nr.1, E major, op.10
     • Mildner, Mořic : conductor
MERCADANTE, Saverio : unspecified Cavatina, v, orch
     • Schmidt-Procházková, Josefa : v
VIEUXTEMPS, Henri : unspecified Adagio and Rondo, vl, orch
     • Mildner, Mořic : conductor

Part 2:

GADE, Niels Wilhelm : Overture I højlande [Im Hochland] (In the Highlands), orch, op.7
     • Jahn, Vilém : conductor
SPOHR, Louis : aria of Velasquez act 3 of opera Der Alchymist, WoO57
     • Eilers, Albert : v
VIEUXTEMPS, Henri : Fantasie appassionata for violin and orchestra, op.35
     • Mildner, Mořic : conductor
PROCH, Heinrich : variations for voice [and piano] Variationen, v, [pf?]
     • Brenner, Johanna : v
VIEUXTEMPS, Henri : Caprice burlesque [also Souvenir d'Amèrique] Variations on American song Yankee Doodle, vl, orch, op.17
     • Mildner, Mořic : conductor


Details of this concert given by Vieuxtemps appeared in a theatre bill published in Prager Morgenpost 30/12/1859. This listed the complete programme, noted the time of the performance and that subscriptions were suspended for this event. The composition entitled Adagio and Rondo was not clearly identified; the work may have been the Adagio and Rondo in E major, op.29.

The critic of the unsigned Dalibor 1/1/1860 review enthused about this concert, remarking that it attracted a large audience and was a magnificent success. The works given by the violinist were listed; Vieuxtemps’ performance showed him to be ‘a superb virtuoso’ of complete technical ability. However, his tone was considered to be less great, and his staccato less pointed, than that of his Czech contemporary, Ferdinand Laub. The vocal works performed in this concert were not specified by this review although the three solo vocalists were named. Vieuxtemps was many times vociferously [curtain-]called.

Summary of sources:

Prager Morgenpost (30/12/1859)
Prager Morgenpost (30/12/1859)
Dalibor, hudební časopis s měsíční notovou přílohou (01/01/1860)
Bohemia (02/01/1860)