Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Private musical trial given by Conservatory of von Adelburg's Frohsinns-Symphonie

Venue: Prague Conservatory

Event type: Rehearsals and music trials

Date: 14/01/1857

Season: Carnival

Programme comprising:

ADELBURGŮ, August, rytíře z : Symphony for large orchestra Rozmary (Frohsinns-Symphonie), orch, C major
     • Prague Conservatory: Kittl, Jan Bedřich :


The German-language Prague newspaper Tagesbote aus Böhmen 16/1/1857 reported: ‘In the local Conservatory was performed the day before yesterday Mr v. Adelburg’s „Frohsinns-Symphonie“ under the leadership of Director Mr Kittel and in the presence of several artists and friends of art. The impression of the compositon was great and lasting [war ein großer, nachhaltender]. The Symphony comprises four movements: Allegro, Scherzo, which merges into an Andante (Hymn to Joy [Hymnus an den Frohsinn]), and a Vivace as last movement, in which the composer reprises in a very elevated fashion the principal idea of the opening movement. This is an important instrumental work which testifies to the considerable musical knowledge and great talent of the composer. The Symphony is not a work given to merely [superficial] effect – despite the brilliant orchestration and highly interesting orchestration – no mere accumalation in counterpoint of pretty trifles [Rosalien] and pompous phrases, which is almost always the case with mere imitators of Wagner, but we ascertain a bubbling, sometimes even overflowing, current of imagination, an inherent and true enthusiasm emanating from the work. This is reflected too in Mr von Adelburg’s life and aspirations. Before him stands a significant future. We find ourselves obliged to recognize this work with warmer words than we accorded to his recently performed Mass as a not entirely perfect, finished work of art. As we hear, the Conservatory will perform in a concert to the Prague public Adelburg’s Symphony and „Ouverture romantique“.’ 

Summary of sources:

Tagesbote aus Böhmen (16/01/1857)