Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

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Title Venue Date
First 'Concert spirituel' given by the orchestra of the Estates Theatre Platýz 21-02-1850
Concert given as part of Music Festival of the Patriotic Music Society [vaterländische Musikverein] Žofín Island 25-05-1850
Concert given by J. Pisařovic Hotel Archduke Stefan 31-01-1851
Third annual Conservatory concert Estates Theatre 13-04-1851
Benefit concert given by the Prague Concert Orchestra [Prager Koncert-Orchester] in aid of the [Children's] Hospital at St Lazarus and for the Fund for the Foundation of a Czech National Theatre Platýz 04-06-1851
Second concert given by the Prage Concert Orchestra [Prager Koncert-Orchesters] Platýz 16-06-1851
Benefit concert in aid of the Prague Institute for Infants unspecified 18-08-1851
First annual Cecilia Society concert Žofín Island 29-11-1851
Third annual Conservatory concert Estates Theatre 09-04-1854
'First great Production' [erste grosse Produktion] given by the Prague Civil Musical Ensemble Žofín Island 14-11-1854
First 'Music-Production' given by a new 'Civil-Musikcapelle [Civil Musical Ensemble]' Žofín Island 16-11-1854
Musical trial to forthcoming Prague Civil Sharpshooters Reunions and Ball Žofín Island 11-01-1857
Sixth and last of six weekly musical soirées ['Soirée musicale'] given by members of the 'piano institute' [Music Institute] of Petr Maydl Music Institute of Petr Maydl 16-04-1859
Fourth annual Cecilia Society concert Žofín Island 28-04-1860
Musical entertainment given by Krehan's [Salon] Orchestra Hotel de Saxe 25-01-1863
Concert given by J. [Johann II] Strauss New Town Theatre [Novoměstské divadlo] 10-10-1863