Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

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Title Venue Date
Benefit performance and academy [Vorstellung und Akademie] in aid of the Children's Hospital [at St Lazarus] Žofín Island 15-04-1850
First benefit dance-reunion given in aid of Fund for the Foundation of a Czech National Theatre Žofín Island 30-01-1854
Memorial service (Requiem mass) given for Count Wenzel Leopold von Radetzky, given on the occasion of the renovation of his grave and memorial St Josef's Church 30-11-1854
First annual [dance-]reunion arranged by the Civic Society [Bürgerressource / Měšťanská beseda] Civic Society [Měšťanská beseda / Bürger-Ressource] 12-01-1857
First [annual] Czech beseda given for the benefit of the fund for the foundation of a Czech National Theatre Žofín Island 26-01-1857
Ball given by the Prague Civil Sharpshooters Corps Žofín Island 23-02-1857
Musical festival 'Immortellen' [The Immortals] given as a preliminary celebration of the unveiling of the Prague Radetzky Monument Konvikt 07-11-1858
Musical entertainment given in the proximity of new 'great art gaslit tableau' [grossartigen Gasbeleuchtungs-Tableaus] erected to celebrate the unveiling of the Radetzky Monument Josefské náměstí 13-11-1858
Third annual Cecilia Society concert Žofín Island 03-02-1859
First musical and declamatory beseda arranged by Heřmann Přerhof Střelecký ostrov 12-06-1861
Unveiling of a memorial for V.K. Klicpera Olšany Cemeteries [Olšanské hřbitovy] 22-06-1861
Benefit Society Ball [Vereinsball] given by the Private Society for the Support of the Prague Poor House Žofín Island 14-01-1863
First Society Ball of Czech Tradesmen Konvikt 28-01-1863
Annual Czech Law Students' Ball [Juristenball] Žofín Island 03-02-1863
Cadets Ball in the New Town Theatre New Town Theatre [Novoměstské divadlo] 04-02-1863
National beseda given in aid of the Prague Industrial Museum Žofín Island 09-02-1863
Ball festival [Ballfest] arranged by the personnel of the Royal State Printer Gottlieb Haase and Son Konvikt 14-02-1863
First musical entertainment [Liedertafel] given by the singing society Flöte Žofín Island 21-02-1863
Festival evening [Verfassungsfeier] of the German Casino [Deutsche Casino] Deutsche Casino 25-02-1863