Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881


Albert Eilers

Eilers, Albert (c.1831-1896). Singer and composer. Bass singer in the Estates Theatre in Prague from 1858 until 1865, also active as a soloist in local concert life. Compositions include a German operetta, Der Abgestorben Gast composed in 1862 to a text by Oberländer, and another operetta Spielmannslied. The London newspaper The Times published an obituary of Eilers on October 1st 1896, reporting that:

‘A well-known operatic bass singer and talented composer, ALBERT EILERS, died at Darmstadt, on the 4th of the last month, at the age of sixty-five. He had been latterly an honorary member of the Darmstadt Opera, at which establishment he was first engaged in 1882. After studying at the Milan Conservatorio, Eilers made his début at the Dresden Courth Theatre in 1854, as Orovisto in “Norma.” From 1858 to 1865 he was engaged at the German Theatre in Prague, where he was a general favourite, and afterwards at Coburg, he being by that justly regarded as one of the foremost bassos of the German lyrical stage. In 1876 Wagner selected him for the part of the giant Fasolt in the original Bayreuth Festspiele. An earnest and thoroughly competent musician, he was the composer of an operetta, “Spielmannslied,” of a comic opera, “Johannis-Nacht,” of a Mass and a Requiem.’

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