Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881


Eduard Bachmann

Bachmann, Eduard (1831-1880). Oboist and tenor singer. His early career was as an oboist in the Czech spa orchestra of Josef Labický [Labitzky] and then in the opera orchestra in Pest. There he learnt singing and embarked upon a career as an operatic tenor. In 1851 he performed in Prague as a soloist with a local private orchestra. Later that decade and until 1865 he was very active in the city. His strong and expressive voice strongly appealed to the composer of Lohengrin, Tannhäuser and Die Meistersingers who cast Bachmann in several important rôles in his own personally directed performances of these works. Prager Morgenpost 6/9/1863, the correspondent signed ‘n’, reported: ‘Mr Bachmann yesterday closed a contract with Mr Strakosch. The singer receives in the first year, as was mentioned yesterday, 15000fl, then increasing progressively to the fifth year of his engagement 100000fl. If he went to America and appeared there on the local stage, the salary would be double that.’   

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