Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881


Celebration of mass to mark St James's day

Aufführungsort: St James's Church [Kostel svatého Jakuba] (Church)

Programmsorte: Church music events

Datum: 25/07/1854 11am

Spielzeit: Summer

Programme comprising:

  • St James's Church [Kostel svatého Jakuba]: participating institution
  • KREJČÍ, Josef: director of ensemble
KREJČÍ, Josef : Mass, solo vv, chorus, orch, nr.2, D minor, op.20
KREJČÍ, Josef : graduale, vv, orch, F major, op.19
KREJČÍ, Josef : unspecified offertorium, vv, [org / orch?]


News of this event was published by Der Tagesbote 23/7/1854, which noted the date, time and venue of the performance, and that the programme would include ‘a Missa solennis [solemnis] in D minor with a new Benedictus, a Graduale in F major and an Offertorium by the choir director Mr Josef Krejčí. The last of these is a setting of the 115th Psalm and is composed for 2 soli, a 4-part chorus and orchestral accompaniment.’ Although not implicit in the source text, the event was almost certainly directed by Krejčí himself.

The Czech-language arts periodical Lumír published on 22/7/1854 in its supplement 40 of 1854 advance news of this event, noting: ‘On the day of St James, that is 25th July, will be performed in the church of St James in the Old Town the fine Mass in D minor by the director of the chorus there, Mr J. Krejčí, with a new Benedictus. Mr Krejčí also performs on that day for the Offertory his just completed newest composition on the 115th Psalm; as well as his Gradual in F major.’

Zusammenfassung der Quellen:

Lumír (22/07/1854)
Tagesbote aus Böhmen (23/07/1854)